Barcelona-Japan Art&Culture Fusion Experience


Live jazz concert and sake taste!

With the participation of Hand://Poem.

March the 29th at 20:00

Reial Cercle Artístic, 360° room (3rd floor)
Carrer dels Arcs, 5 (08002 Barcelona)

About Real Cercle Artístic

Since 1881, the Real Cercle Artístic of Barcelona has been a space where artists from various disciplines meet. The organization has the vocation to promote Barcelona and Catalan culture and to share it with the rest of the state and the world.


About Hand://Poem
Hand://Poem is an innovative device in the form of a digital glove with which artists can amplify their expressiveness through gesture, controlling music, sound and images.


About Pau Wa Project
Peace project between Hiroshima and Barcelona.
Promoting peace through art and technological innovation.


Sake is full of heart
The ingredients for sake are rice and water. That's why we believe that the individuality of the ingredients and the feelings of the maker become visible in a cup of sake.

We will offer you this renowned brand
KAMOTSURU - with gold
Sake factory with a 150-year history (from Hiroshima). It was served at President Obama's dinner and at the Japanese Emperor's Golden Wedding.


Sponsored by Hand://Poem.

Supported by PauWa.

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