Artist Glove

Whether you are a musician, DJ or a visual arts performer, this device allows you to connect with your audience in a totally new and revolutionary way, aligning your projections in total synchronization with their emotions.

  • It amplifies your possibilities as an artist.
  • Easy to use, feels natural.
  • Modulate the tones of your instrument.
  • Control the sound effects.
  • Synchronize visuals with your gesture.

Live performances.

The use of our smart glove in a performance context, whether it's a music concert or a visual arts show, offers full satisfaction to its user thanks to the amplification of the gesture, transforming it into anything creative.

We have attended fairs to show the device, where it has been very well received. We have offered concerts and shows where the use of the art glove was not only present but also evoked and catalyzed the audience's emotions.

Open source.

Our smart glove is an electronic device that collects hand and finger movement data. Thanks to a programming code adaptable to the functions desired by the user, this data can be used in multiple ways.

A diagram of how a performer uses our smart glove, handpoem.